Canvas Cake Company macarons

Canvas Cake Company macarons

A handful of the amazing food options to look out for over the weekend of 15th-16th June


1. Canvas Cake Company
Handmade in central London, Jenny Pasha’s cakes are less confectionary, more full-blown works of art. Previous years have seen strawberry macarons, mini pop-art coloured meringues and baby cupcakes gracing her stall. Almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

2. Orrery
The most elegant of summer fare for the Summer Fayre: champagne and strawberries. Make a beeline for Orrery Épicerie, then head to Padding Street Gardens, find a patch in the sun, pull up a deck chair and sit and sip, while enjoying the live music.

3. Cheeky Burger
When it’s sunny and you’ve a beer in hand, a burger is the obvious food choice. While we can’t guarantee the weather, we can guarantee beer—and the perfect burger to fulfil that craving, made with high quality, fully traceable meat and a signature chipotle sauce.

4. Caffe Caldesi
The pasta wizards will be in Paddington Street Gardens for Saturday’s film night and the Fayre on Sunday, serving hot, silken pasta with Tuscan-style beef ragu or tomato, chilli and cream sauce, as well as a spicy chicken salad.

FoodMark Riddaway