Anna Coroneo, founder of the eponymous shop, on styling scarves

Lots of women need to dress conservatively for work, but still like to express their personality through their outfits. A scarf can do that very well. It can complement any outfit, but a monochrome look such as the simple black camisole and trousers shown here can be the perfect base to highlight a scarf with flair.

Every scarf in my shop is derived from one of my oil or ink on canvas artworks. I have over 500 unique designs. I really believe that scarves aren’t just for one season, but for every season, so we offer all our prints year-round and I endeavour to create classic designs, so that none become obsolete.

I really love it when you can see my brushstrokes in the designs, such as in the Majorelle scarf shown here. This design was inspired by the fantasy, mystery and magic of a wild garden that’s been lost in time. I used ink to achieve fluidity and definition of line and to create a sense of movement and vibrancy. We work closely with our factory in Como, Italy and print our designs on the finest of fabrics—such as this 100 per cent silk chiffon.

Anna Coroneo