The Montagu Kitchen launches its new menu

Having trudged through turkey soup and all things root veg in the wake of Christmas, come February it’s safe to say we’re all about ready for a change when it comes to cooking and eating. Though spring is still but a wisp on the horizon, The Montagu Kitchen has taken the best of the deep winter bounty and given it a fresh awakening.

Taking cues from the gardens of Chartwell—Churchill’s beautiful Kent home—the new menu celebrates the best of seasonal British produce. Think Highland venison with parsnip puree, braised savoy and mushrooms; slow-cooked pork belly glazed with homemade marmalade on a bed of barley and herbs, drizzled with red wine jus; and crisp-topped fish pie made with fluffy mash and the fresh catch of the day. Be sure to check out the dessert trolley, too—the mille-feuille-style poached apples with butter pastry is not to be missed.