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Five of the best ice creams and gelatos in Marylebone

1. White chocolate, pistachio and cardamom gelato
Rococo’s eye for flavour, mixed with Snowflake Luxury Gelato’s traditional Italian methods: this collaboration has resulted in the silkiest of gelatos, made with exceptional ingredients.

2. Opera Ice Cream
True to this farmers’ market stall’s name, co-owner and ex-opera singer Kerry likes to belt out the tunes while dishing up delicious ice-cream, made with organic fruit and eggs from Rookery Farm in Sussex.

3. Lemon sorbet
Made through the summer at Patisserie Valerie. Not technically ice cream—but when it’s a scorcher of a day, sometimes a citrusy sorbet is just what hits the spot.

4. Affogato
Il Blandford’s affogato—a coffee-drenched dessert—comes with a shot of espresso and a couple of biscuits, for good measure. An excellent way to acceptably get some ice cream in before midday.

5. Fior di latte gelato
The purest expression of the ice cream maker’s art: with no additional flavourings, the quality of the milk and the skill of the producer shine through. Available at La Fromagerie.

FoodMark Riddaway