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Drinks with plenty of sophistication but not a hint of booze

1. Virgin mary (pictured)
One for when you simply can’t justify another, yet bright and perky enough to wake you up. Fresh tomato and lemon juice spiked with Daisy Green’s own take on Worcestershire sauce (tabasco, Szechuan pepper, salt, cocktail onions, olives, herbs and fruit peel), topped with an elegant sprig of rosemary, rolled cucumber and a slice of lemon.

2. Fresh grapefruit, cranberry, Mediterranean tonic
Based on a traditional lemonade recipe from the little town of Cefalu, Sicily, this Mediterranean-inspired thirst-quencher from Bernardi’s is made with a blend of grapefruit juice and tonic, a spoonful of sweet syrupy honey and dusted with cumin. Here it’s given an English twist, with a splash of elderflower cordial and cranberry juice.

3. The Bees Knees rosé
All the joy of your favourite fizz, without the hangover—and it’s made with fermented grape juice, so when you say your wine’s one of your five a day, here you’re not quite so far off the mark. Blended with green tea extract, it’s refreshing and finely balanced. The bees-knees indeed. Available at The Harcourt.

4. The solero
Fans of retro ice cream rejoice, for 108 Bar has come up with a solution for the ice cream-shaped hole winter bores into our hearts: juicy passionfruit meets zesty lime juice, topped with a splash of grenadine, a dollop of cream and a drizzle of passionfruit syrup.

5. Beelicious
Those up on the sophisticated soft drink scene will be familiar with Seedlip—the posh non-alcoholic spirits brand known for its flair for flavour. The Seedlip Spice 94, featuring all spice, cardamom, oak, lemon, grapefruit, cascarilla, is blended with honey, black pepper syrup, lime juice and elderflower for a sweet ‘n spicy mocktail. Available at The Grazing Goat.

FoodMark Riddaway