Lee Simmons entrance.jpg

The finest sculptures and installations attached to Marylebone buildings

1. Madonna and Child by Jacob Epstein
Affixed to an archway joining two sections of the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus, which was rebuilt after the war, Jacob Epstein’s solid lead sculpture of Mary and Jesus manages to levitate over Cavendish Square, despite its imposing weight and scale.

2. Baker Street by Alexander Beleschenko
This extraordinary architectural glasswork was deliberately created to be visible to passers-by as well as those inside 11 Baker Street. Overlaying paint, patterns and layers of glass, the artist has created the illusion of myriad shapes and configurations that vary according to the vantage of the viewer.

3. Portman Stone Relief by John Carter
John Carter’s work is often described as being a dialogue between painting and sculpture. In the case of his stone relief at 40 Portman Square, it is also a dialogue between sculpture and building. Using the same material as the building itself, Carter has created an abstract form that appears to be simultaneously integrated with and independent of the building’s façade.

4. Aether by Danny Lane
After moving from the USA to the UK to study art in 1975, Danny Lane has become one of the nation’s leading exponents of glass sculpture. Aether, the window of Marble Arch House, recalls his perennial interest in the reaction of glass to compression, and is a feat of design, engineering and vision.

5. Grandioso by Lee Simmons
Commissioned by the Howard de Walden Estate, Lee Simmons’ stainless steel Grandioso sculpture (pictured top) provides the awe-inspiring entrance to the RB&HH Specialist Care building at 77 Wimpole Street, stretching the boundaries between architecture, art and design.